I'm Annette.

I am a photographer in the beautiful Sandhills of north central Nebraska. I enjoy everything about living in the country and the western way of life and I love showcasing that in my photographs. When I was 18 I joined the Air Force and spent 20 years traveling the world. Photography became a way for me to share the places I went and things I did with family and friends. I fell in love with capturing the world with a camera and that love has only increased over the years.

Creating Memories

I really missed living in the Heartland, so I retired from the Air Force in 2022 and moved back to God's Country. I wanted to use my love of photography to create memories for others so that you can have beautiful photographs to share with future generations.


I got my start in photography doing landscapes and it is still my passion. I love capturing locations in unique and beautiful lighting and showcasing hard to reach places so that others, who may not have the ability to go themselves, can also enjoy the beauty.


I grew up with a crazy obsession of horses and that hasn't changed much. Whether you want some beautiful photos of your family horse to hang on your wall or you want portraits for a sale or auction, we can make it happen. It doesn't have to be just horses either!

Ranch & Rodeo

I grew up in farm country and always dreamed of living out west where there were cattle and horse ranches. I love that way of life. Now that I live in the Nebraska Sandhills it means that rodeo and ranch events are main attractions for me and my camera.